Music with Therapy
For Send children

Music and ME provide specialised classes catering for children with SEND including those with, but not exclusive to; autism, Aspergers, ADHD, behavioural challenges and communication and language difficulties. 

Planning for each session is a combined effort between the instructor, the parent or carer and the child in order to meet the specific developmental requirements of the individual. In addition, we are fortunate enough to be able to consult our Early Years Adviser and qualified teacher who can also contribute her expertise where needed, in order to ensure that each child’s needs are met.

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As a part of this planning process, we also set concise, challenging and realistic termly objectives to track progress over time. If your child also has school-based development objectives or goals set by an outside agency, we are happy to work in partnership with these organisations to ensure that all learning needs are supported in a coherent and collaborative way.  We have an excellent track record of supporting children in this way.  

Music with Therapy sessions are based in the Clubhouse which offers a homely environment and is equipped with multi-sensory features such as sensory tubes and lights. We use a range of visual aids and timetables to guide the child through the session at a comfortable pace while teaching a wide range of learning concepts through music in creative and innovative ways with a musical instruments and props. 

As always at Music and ME, live music, independent music-making and collaborative music-making opportunities provide the foundation for all of our sessions.

Music sessions for children